Waterdown, Ontario
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I know that the company no longer exists but in the five years since I procured the services of P.P., they have permanently left a bad taste in my mouth.

In 2011 I paid for the $5000 service from Gloria. I met two men who were a decade older than what I specified (I was only 31 at the time!) and the third threw a weird tantrum when I didn't answer his call and text immediately. Needless to say, a date never happened.

Shortly after that bizarre incident I put the service on hold because I met the man who is now my husband and wanted to see where the relationship would lead.

The contract expired and I never heard from Perfect Partners again. So they literally took $5000 from me for setting me up with three men who never would have made it past my personal threshold.

I'm inspired by Kristin's review and her blog for that matter. I have much to say so if you're interested, check out my full review on:http://virtuallyunimpressed.blogspot.ca/

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